Video games are growing faster than anything else. And if you are also looking for the top game development companies in California, you don’t need to worry as you are here at the right place.

A good game development company may help you create Engaging and user-friendly games which will be beneficial and have high money-making potential. 

What are video games?

Video games are a type of virtual world that is inside a game console, mobile, PC, or any device. It involves mainly two things, the game, and the player. The player controls a virtual character inside the game and the game keeps the player engaged. During this period, the game developers or the company makes a profit through ads or Ingame purchases.  

Development of a video game

The development of a video game is not that easy. It can pay high returns but it will need effort. Here are the steps:

  • Idea Generation: A game needs a concept and a story. You need to plan it.
  • Design: Plan and create the game’s structure, levels, characters, and visuals.
  • Programming: Write the code that makes the game work, including its mechanics and interactions.
  • Art and Sound: A game needs good sound effects and good 
  • Testing: Test the game thoroughly to find and fix any issues or bugs.
  • Improvement: Make changes and improvements to the game based on feedback and testing results.
  • Release: Prepare the game for distribution on specific platforms.
  • Marketing: Develop a strategy to promote and advertise the game to potential players.
  • Support: Provide ongoing support for players and release updates or patches if needed.

Top 5 best video games development companies in California

Deciding the best video game development company in California can be a challenging task. But don’t worry, we are here with the list of the best video game companies which you can choose for your game development needs. We will provide an overview of the companies. I would recommend you to go and have a look at them on your own if you like the company. 

Whimsy games 

Whimsy Games is a major game development company in the USA. 

Location: Seattle, Washington

Experience: Founded in 2017, Whimsy Games has developed several successful games, including Don’t Catch on Fire, Number Buddies, and AS+CEND.

Popular games:

  •     Don’t Catch on Fire (2018)
  •     Number Buddies (2019)
  •     AS+CEND (2020)


Cubix is a leading software and game development company which is located in Florida.

Location: West Palm Beach, Florida and Dubai, UAE

Experience: Cubix was Founded in 2008, They have developed many successful software solutions, including mobile apps and web applications. 

Popular games:

  •   Cubix Happyforce (2019)
  •   Cubix Hero (2020)


Argentics is a game development and art outsourcing company based in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

Experience: Founded in 2018, Argentics has developed several successful games, including:

  • The Last Warrior (2020)
  • Space Arena (2021)
  • The Mechanized Kingdom (2022)

Popular games:

  • The Last Warrior (2020)
  • Space Arena (2021)
  • The Mechanized Kingdom (2022)


Appingine is a mobile app development company based in Los Angeles, USA.

Location: Los Angeles, USA

Experience: Founded in 2014, Appingine has developed several successful mobile games, including:

  • Apposing Forces (2020)
  • The Lost City (2021)
  • The Last Warrior (2022)

Popular games:

  • Opposing Forces (2020)
  • The Lost City (2021)
  • The Last Warrior (2022)


Stepico is a game development and art outsourcing company based in Lviv, Ukraine.

Location: Lviv, Ukraine

Experience: Founded in 2013, Stepico has developed some successful games, including:

  • The Last Warrior (2020)
  • Space Arena (2021)
  • The Mechanized Kingdom (2022)

Popular games:

  • The Last Warrior (2020)
  • Space Arena (2021)
  • The Mechanized Kingdom (2022)


In conclusion, there are multiple video game development companies in California but we need to choose the best out of them so that we can meet our specific requirements. Do your research before choosing one, as it can help you save both your money and time. We know that developing a video game is not just a simple task, it undergoes a big process.


    Which skills are required to develop a video game?

    The different skills needed to develop a video game include: 

    • Programming
    • Art
    • Sound
    • Design
    • Marketing

    What are the different challenges of video game development?

    Some of the challenges of video game development include:

    • The high cost of development
    • The long development time
    • The competitive market

    What are the different rewards of video game development?

    Some of the rewards of video game development include:

    • The satisfaction of creating something new
    •  The opportunity to share your creation with the world
    • The potential to make a lot of money is also a rewarding factor

    On which platforms video games are mainly played? 

    Video games are played on various devices including mobile devices, PCs, and gaming consoles. 

    Is video game development a profitable job? 

    Yes, it can be rewarding to develop video games as the demand for games is increasing day by day. It has limitless money-making potential. 


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